• Rebuilding Somalia : Livestock

    Livestock statistics: Somalia has 13.10m goats, 12.70m sheep, 7.0m camels, and 5.35m cattle

  • Rebuilding Somalia: Agriculture

    Agriculture land: Rangeland: 42m, Arable land: 8.15m and Forestory: 8m (-million)

  • Rebuilding Somalia: Aquacuture

    Somalia has a coastline of 3333km long with a shelf area of 200 nautical miles.

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SCCI is a vibrant organization focused on enhancing business opportunity. We are dedicated to ensuring our members take advantage of business opportunities locally, regionally and internationally. The Chamber is here to help you prosper! We invite you to explore what the SCCI has to offer you and your business.




Somali chamber of commerce is an umbrella organization, whose membership is open to all business parties engaged in trade activities. The chamber welcomes both local and international investors.  Please click below to know more about our membership programs.




SCCI offers a wide range of services to its Members, including  Commercial documentation services ,  Research and Publications , Business Development and Promotion , Training and development and many more , Click below to see all of our services.




President’s Message:


The Somali Chamber of Commerce & Industry was re-activated on the 3rd of March 2012 after more than two decades of absence or being inactive due to the difficult circumstances in the country, notably lack of security, political instability and civil wars.


The chamber is now back in operation and, unlike before, enjoys the full support and acceptance of the hardworking and dedicated business that stayed on and refused to leave the country, despite the civil wars that have destroyed the properties and devastated their livelihood , in order to keep serving their communities and people everywhere in the country.


The chamber was created to develop, improve and protect Somali businesses wherever in the country and abroad, and to encourage and facilitate inward investment through partnerships and better legislations.


The chamber’s other jobs include lobbying and fighting for the empowerment and improvement of local business environment thus removing obstacles and hurdles slowing.


Thank you again for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from your constructive contributions and continued involvement.


Mr.Mohamoud Abdi Ali (Gabaire)

President of Somali Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mr.Mohamoud Abdi Ali (Gabaire)

Mr.Mohamoud Abdi Ali (Gabaire)

Somali Chamber

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