Airlines, Marines and Land transportations:

When Somali Airlines stopped its services in early 1991 due to the consequences of the civil conflict, some local entrepreneurs thought over starting air transportation business. They leased planes with and without crews from Russian or western European countries.

The private sector currently manages more than 6 air carriers namely Daallo Airlines, Jubba Airways and African Express, East Africa 540, Hajara, Central Air who makes both domestic and international air services, and two foreign airs such Turkish Airline and Uganda Airways They provide flights to and from Djibouti, Nairobi, Dubai, Aden, Jeddah, and Kampala for twice thrice a week. They have also domestic flights to major cities of the country. Ticket prices of those companies are relatively low compared to other international carriers. Airport services and handling are provided by local companies.

There is no data on the number of boats or ships owned by Somali companies, but the traders hire ships and boats from Dubai for imports and exports. Poor road networks are the major constraint to introduction of modern transport networks. This could have eased transfer of goods and people across the country. There is a potential business opportunity in this area.